Our Partners

Lamor Corporation

Lamor is a technical partner of AABVINC Global Ltd, as one of the leading companies in charge of environmental care and development of sustainable projects, we are exploring and improving state-of-the-art technologies for remediation of affected sites. Challenging scenarios including a vulnerable environment, different contaminants and social and operative restrictions, demand that our expert team design and assembly the best environmental and cost-effective solutions.

Lamor’s innovative method is the product of several years of experimentation and on-field testing. Whatever the scenario or environment, Lamor provides the right oil spill solution for the most efficient oil spill response. Lamor solutions include a complete range of skimmers, oil booms, pumps, power packs, landing crafts, workboats, storage and ancillary equipment. Lamor’s ability to provide highly reactive and timely OSR solutions is supported by our global stockpiles of strategically-located equipment and the growing network of response points.