The April 2010 Gulf of Mexico massive oil spill needed immediate external support, expertise, solutions and equipment to assist in the containment and clean-up efforts. Lamor Corporation immediately set its action plans into motion and within 36 hours, through its global network, the company airlifted its arsenal of equipment and key personnel to the scene.

The blown-out well on the ocean floor off Louisiana threatened the entire ecosystem in the area as well as the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people at a rate of over 5,000 barrels of leaking crude oil per day.

Oil booms and skimmers were sent by Lamor to assist in the clean-up efforts. To meet the urgency of equipment needed, the company increased globally its workforce shifts to make more boom production available needed on site. An estimated 300,000 meters of boom has been sent to the Gulf.
Lamor’s oil containment booms and larger skimmers were deployed from the sides of vessels. The company initiated immediate installation of its equipment and trained the contracted oil clean-up vessel operators. Moreover, being a significant and major clean-up and response provider in the Gulf, Lamor gave expert consultations to the command center that was set up to engage in the oil spill operations.

Lamor supported the entire Vessel of Opportunity (VoO) program, contracting and training local fishermen and converting their fishing vessels to oil spill response vessels.

During the Gulf incident, simultaneously three other oil-spills occurred in China, Singapore and in Michigan (US) and Lamor responded to these incidents. The company has facilities strategically located throughout the world with a stockpile of equipment to ensure that its response and readiness is not limited to one incident or region.

Lamor’s input in figures – Gulf of Mexico 2010 

An estimated 4.5 – 5.5 million barrels of crude oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and over 800,000 barrels of oil was recovered during the incident.

  • Air Cargo – 112 shipments from Finland, totaling 313 tons cargo, 1750 mᵌ
  • Skimming Systems – over 460 which represents 60% of the total (other suppliers) equipment
  • Pumping Systems – over 100
  • Oil containment booms – over 300,000 meters (approx. 91,440 ft)
  • LRT on site – over 130/days
  • LRT members – between 10-20 on average
  • LRT staging areas – 6 strategically located in Louisiana and Alabama
  • Tasks – logistics, training, installation, maintenance and decommissioning

Overall statistically inputs (people and equipment) – Gulf of Mexico 2010

  • A total of over 47,000 people involved
  • 3,300 members of US Coast Guard
  • Over 1,600 US National Guard
  • Over 41,000 contractors
  • Over 700 BP representatives
  • Over 4,000 wild life preservation volunteers
  • 3.8 million meters boom
  • 835 skimmers
  • 6,131 vessels
  • 123 aircraft (78 helicopters and 45 fixed wing)

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