About  Us

AABVINC Global Limited is AABV Global Environmental & Habitat Division, headquartered in United States of America with strategically located offices, hubs and partners worldwide, is a global market leader in oil spills response and environmental solution for a wide range of scenarios and climate conditions.

We provide expertise coupled with solutions that protect the environment and our ecosystems. Our in-depth knowledge and investment in technologically advanced oil spill response equipment has a proven track record.

We have extensive experience in cooperation with governmental agencies worldwide, e.g. European Union environmental administrations, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), Russian authorities and ministries, North American authorities and representative agencies, Chinese governmental and maritime departments and Middle Eastern environmental and representative agencies in several countries. 

Our Mission: To provide innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions throughout the world.

Our Vision: To be a respected, sought-after global leader in customer-friendly and environmentally friendly solutions worldwide

Our Values:
Listening: we collaborate with suppliers, customers, customer representatives, regulators, and each other to find the right solution.
Trust: by committing to the highest standards of transparency, performance, ethics, integrity, and professionalism, we treat all people with dignity and respect.
Performance: we provide the expertise and deliver the technical performance promised by providing only proven, customer application appropriate solutions.
Pioneering Spirit: we encourage innovation and creativity, promote personal growth and added responsibility, and provide new challenges and learning opportunities for all of our associates.